About Me

I’m Kristin, a mother of 2 with a passion for board games and card games.

I enjoy discovering engaging games that I can share with my children, but I also love sinking my teeth into meatier games with my husband and friends.

Tabletop Mom was born from my passion for writing and gaming. My aim is to write thoughtful reviews and previews on upcoming games. I truly believe there is a game out there for everyone, and I would love to help you find it!

Want to support me?

Right now this is a passion project and I do not earn money from creating content. Although what I do is voluntary, it does take a lot of time and effort (and a bit of cash) to put out good content.

If you would like to support me there are many things you can do. Subscribing to the blog, reading/sharing my posts, and subscribing to my Instagram are all very helpful. You can also buy me a cup of coffee through Ko-Fi. Any income generated this way will go towards improving this site.

Speaking of Instagram, let’s hang out!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

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